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LMIA Based Work Permit

A work permit is a legal document that enables a foreign national to work while they are in Canada. Around half of a million temporary foreign workers receive work permits from Canada each year from all over the world. Many foreign nationals looking for jobs choose Canada as their preferred location. For individuals looking to immigrate permanently to Canada.

Depending on the type of work permit a person is looking for, the process for getting a Canadian work permit might vary significantly. For example, as part of the authorization for a study permit, it is frequently usually given to an international student studying in Canada the right to work part-time.

A formal job offers from a Canadian company that is accompanied by a Labour Market Impact Assessment is a requirement for most closed work visa applications (LMIA). Even individuals who are exempt from the LMIA or do not require a work visa should be aware of the paperwork they must submit to ensure their entrance to Canada. A closed (limited) work permit and an open work permit are the two main ways to obtain a work permit in Canada.

A foreign national with a closed work permit must continue to work for the same employer at the same location unless their work permit is changed because closed work permits are linked to employers.

The conditions imposed on your authorization are described in your actual work permit. The kind of work permit you qualify for will mainly determine these restrictions. The type of employment you can do, the places and people you can work for, and the length of time you can work in Canada are all possible restrictions. If there is reason to believe that some employees could be sexually exploited at a company, then all workers with work permits are not allowed to work there.

Holders of work permits are not citizens of Canada and must depart at the expiration of their visas. But if you are employed in Canada and want to stay there permanently, fill out our free assessment form to get a thorough analysis of your immigration choices

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