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Our Work Permit Services

A Canada work permit is a document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows a foreign national to work in Canada for a temporary period of time. A work permit is required for most foreign nationals who want to work in Canada, although there are some exemptions for certain types of work or specific circumstances.

To obtain a work permit, a foreign national must typically have a job offer from a Canadian employer, meet certain eligibility criteria, and provide the required documentation and fees. Work permits may be issued for varying lengths of time depending on the type of work being performed and other factors.

There are several types of work permits available under the Canada work permit service, including:

  1. Employer-Specific Work Permit: This type of work permit is tied to a specific Canadian employer and job and is issued based on a job offer from that employer.
  2. Open Work Permit: An open work permit allows the holder to work for any employer in Canada, subject to certain restrictions.
  3. International Mobility Program Work Permit: This type of work permit is issued under specific international agreements or arrangements, such as the NAFTA or the International Experience Canada program.
  4. Post-Graduation Work Permit: This type of work permit is available to international students who have graduated from a Canadian educational institution and want to work in Canada.
  5. Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit: This type of work permit is available to foreign workers who are being transferred to a Canadian branch or subsidiary of their current employer.
  6. Agricultural Worker Program Work Permit: This type of work permit is available to foreign workers who are hired to work in Canada’s agricultural sector.

The eligibility criteria and application requirements for each type of work permit may vary, and it is important to carefully review the requirements before applying. Additionally, some work permits may require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which is a document that verifies that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job being offered.

It is important to note that a work permit is a temporary authorization to work in Canada and does not provide a pathway to permanent residency or citizenship. However, work experience gained in Canada may be valuable in future applications for permanent residency or other immigration programs.