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This Initial Consultation Agreement is made between the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant – HeyRam Consultant (legal name Shivam Sharma) (RCIC #R526789) and the Client.

The Client agrees to pay the fees indicated in the booking tool below for the selected online consultation services.

The purpose of the consultation is to provide the consultant with sufficient information to allow for a complete analysis and comprehensive advice on immigration options, including estimated time frames, consultation fees and costs.

Client Responsibility: The Client must provide the RCIC with such factual information and documentation as are required to perform the consultation. The Client must be accurate and honest and inform RCIC of all information, even if negative or adverse, which might be relevant to the advice provided by RCIC in this matter. Failure to fully disclose all relevant information to RCIC will impact the advice given by RCIC. It may void this Agreement or seriously affect the outcome of the application of Client or the retention of any status that Client may obtain.

Advice Current on the Date of Consultation: The advice provided by the RCIC to the Client is based on the Canadian immigration law and policy current on the date of the consultation where relevant. The RCIC is not responsible or accountable for any change in government legislation or policy that may impact the processing of any subsequent application by the Client.

No Guarantee of Outcome: RCIC shall provide consulting services to the Client to the standard of a competent CICC member. RCIC does not guarantee that she will be able to assist the Client in meeting their business, education, employment or immigration goals.

Confidentiality: RCIC is required to preserve the confidences and secrets of the Client. This professional obligation exists to encourage candid and complete communications between the Client and the RCIC. All information and documentation provided by the Client and reviewed by the RCIC will not be divulged to any third party other than the RCIC’s agents and employees without prior consent, except as demanded by law.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws in the Province of Ontario and the Federal Laws of Canada applicable therein.

Please be advised that HeyRam Consultant, RCIC #R526789, is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and, as such, is bound by its By-Law, Code of Professional Ethics, and Regulations.

By paying the fee in the booking tool above, the Client agrees that he/she has read this initial consultation agreement and its clause and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in it.

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